Nabeeh Saleh

Location: Nabeeh Saleh Island

Description/Background: The island of Nabeeh  Saleh, or Okol as it was known previously, was always known for its fertile land and beautiful location.  It attracted kings because of the wealth they could get from the agriculture.  And Islamic thinkers took advantage of its distance from the cities and quite environment.

Historical story of place: Shaikh Saleh used  to  pray his Morning, Maghreb and Isha  prayers  behind  a  great  "A'alem"  in his time.  One day, Shaikh Saleh's  wife  came to  this  A'lem and  said: "My  husband goes out in the middle  of the night  and  comes  back  after  the morning prayer 3 days a week.  When  I  ask  him where he has been  he  says nothing.  The A'lem promised  to look  into the  matter.  The  next day, he called Shaikh Saleh and asked him not go out at night or at least tell his  wife  why and where he went.  Shaikh Saleh nodded his head but still he would go out at night without telling anyone  and  come back after  the morning prayer.  On the 3rd night  the  same  thing  happened.  When the A'lem returned home he started thinking  why Shaikh Saleh insisted on saying nothing  when asked where he would go at night, so the A'lem decided  to  follow him  and  see where  he  would  go.  That  night  he saw Shaikh  Saleh going  to  Masjid Alghebbeh, he  waited  outside  until  the  Shaikh came out.  Then Shaikh Saleh reached the shore of  the island, took off his  robe, and placed it on the surface of the water.  The A'lem did the same and  after  reaching the other side  he  saw  Shaikh  Saleh  taking  his  robe  and  placing it on his shoulders  once  again.  After walking a few steps he could see a group of people sitting in a circle.  They welcomed Shaikh Saleh  and sat quietly as he gave them a lesson which was of a very high standard and value.  

The next day the A'lem met Shaikh Saleh in the mosque and  asked him to pray alongside  him.  Because  of his moderation, Shaikh  Saleh refused to pray  beside  such a great A'lem.  After insisting and telling  Shaikh  Saleh that he had been with him the other night, he prayed beside the A'lem but whispered in his ear his "will".   The  A'lem  was  amazed but said nothing.  After the  prayer, Shaikh  Saleh asked  of  Allah  to  take  his soul so that nobody else would know of his secret especially  crossing  the water with his robe.  The people in the mosque saw that Shaikh Saleh wasn't  moving in his Sojood for a long time, when they tried moving him they  found  out that he was dead.  The A'lem felt really depressed but nevertheless did as Shaikh Saleh had told him and buried him appropriately.